Monthly compliance statistics - 31 December 2016


Graph 1 shows 40% of complaints received in the last 13 months have been referred to a Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) for resolution, 27% have been resolved by consumer information, 27% by compliance advice and 6% by alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Graph 1: Reponses to complaints received

Graph 2 shows 34% of cases referred to a Complaints Assessment Committee (CAC) in the last 13 months have resulted in a decision of unsatisfactory conduct or to lay a charge with the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal (READT). 58% have resulted in a decision of no further action.

Graph 2: Complaints Assessment Committee decisions

Graph 3 shows that the majority of complaints are made by the seller (25%) and the buyer (22%). 11% of complaints are made by other licensees.

Graph 3: Complainant categories 

 Tribunal activity

As at 31 December 2016 there were 65 open appeals and 26 open misconduct charges waiting to be heard by the Tribunal.​

Graph 4 shows the outcome of all appeals since the REAA started in November 2009. The graph includes appeals of Complaints Assessment Committee and Tribunal decisions and licensing decisions made by the Registrar.​​

Graph 4: Appeal outcom​es since the REAA started​

Graph 5 shows the outcomes of misconduct charges laid by the REAA with the Tribunal since we started in November 2009. The majority of charges (87%) laid by REAA result in a disciplinary finding against the licensee.

Graph 5: Tribunal outcom​es since the REAA started​

Court activity

There are currently four prosecutions in the District Court.