Working with a real estate agent

The salesperson works for the seller and is paid by the seller when the property sells.

The salesperson's obligations to the buyer

Licensed real estate salespeople must follow the standards set out in the Code of Professional Conduct and Client Care. 

​Download the Code of Professional Conduct and Client Care (.​​​​pdf 152KB).​

Ask the salesperson about the property

You should ask the salesperson questions about anything you want to know about the property. Licensed salespeople have to deal fairly and honestly with all parties. 

They are not allowed to withhold any information they know about a property and they must tell you if they think there might be something wrong with the property that you should check out. The salesperson can’t make statements about the property they can’t back up with evidence.

Don’t rely only on the salesperson for advice or assistance

However friendly and helpful the salesperson is, they represent the seller. The salesperson must not mislead buyers, but you should not rely only on the salesperson for advice or assistance.

Read about other places to get advice and assistance here​​.​

Salespeople must not put a buyer under undue or unfair pressure

And they can't take advantage of someone’s inability to understand relevant documents.

Pricing expectations

The advertised price for the property must be in line with the pricing expectations the salesperson has agreed with the seller. The salesperson should not mislead you about the seller’s pricing expectations.​

Conflicts​ of interest

If a salesperson is selling a property or business in which they, or someone connected to them, has a financial interest then they must tell you this in writing​​​.

You can choose who to deal with from the agency

As a buyer, you do not have to deal with the salesperson a property is listed with. You can approach another salesperson with the agency that is marketing the property and ask them to show you the property. It’s important to remember that any salesperson who works for the listing agency is also working for the seller. 

Find out about the salesperson

Use our public register to check that any salesperson you are dealing with is licensed, even if it is someone you know or who has been recommended by a friend. It is illegal to carry out real estate agency work without a licence. If you deal with an unlicensed person, we will not be able to do anything about it if things go wrong. 

The public register also shows if a salesperson has had any complaints upheld against them.

Contact us if you have a problem with a salesperson

We are responsible for dealing with complaints about the behaviour of agents and run an independent, fair and open complaint process.

If you have a problem with an agent you can make a complaint to us.​​