Fees and levies

It costs $939.55 (incl GST) to apply for a licence.

Licence applications​

The license application cost is:

on or after 1 February 2017
​​​Application fee ​$187.00
​Operational levy ​​$597.00
​Disciplinary levy ​$33.00
​GST ​$122.55
​Total $939.55

The application fee is for processing a new application. The two levies are annual charges to fund the costs of the Real Estate Agents Authority and the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal.

if you are not granted a licence, the levies will be refunded.​The application fee is non-refundable.

Licence renewal

Licensees must pay the operational and disciplinary levy each year before their licence expiry date. The licence will expire if the levies are not paid.

​Licence renewal 
on or after 1 February 2017
​Operational levy ​​$597.00
​Disciplinary levy ​$33.00
​GST ​$94.50
​Total $724.50
Licence suspension fee

The suspension fee applies when a licence is suspended.  If a licence is suspended for more than one year, the annual suspension fee is charged on the suspension anniversary. 

​Suspension commencing or anniversary of suspension on or after 1 February 2017
Suspension fee or annual suspension fee $148.00
​GST $22.20
​Total $170.20


We do not issue refunds when a licensee surrenders or suspends their licence or when a licence is cancelled.

Pro-rata refunds are available when a licensee upgrades to a higher class of licence, or when a licensee is deceased. Read our information sheet (.pdf 145KB) to find out how to get a refund in these circumstances.

Fees and Levies Notice December 201​6 

Click here​ to read the Notice. (.pdf 329KB)​