Continuing education

You must complete 10 hours each of verifiable and non-verifiable education each by no later than 31 December (10+10). If you do not do this you risk having your licence cancelled.

​​You need to complete 10 hours each of verifiable and non-verifiable continuing education (10+10)

Continuing education has two parts – Verifiable and Non-Verifiable. You must complete 10 hours of each by 31 December each year or you risk your licence being cancelled.

This is known as “10+10 continuing education” and can be carried out over a 12 month period.

REAA have developed a two-hour supervision training programme aimed at agents and branch managers, this training programme can count towards non-verifiable Continuing Education. One of the mandatory topics for all licensees Continuing Education in 2018 will be on Supervision Standards. 
Check out approved providers of Supervision training​ and what to consider for your agencies approach to supervision​. 
Some national study courses will allow you to qualify for a temporary exemption
If you have completed one of the new National Certificates or the National Diploma in Real Estate you will be exempt from the continuing education requirements in the year you complete it, and the following calendar year. You must have completed the whole qualification to qualify for the exemption, and will need to give us a copy of your NZQA certificate so we can update your record with the exemption.

We will audit about five per cent of eligible licensees each year

If you are audited you will have to submit evidence that you have completed your non-verifiable continuing education to us. If you have not able to supply evidence to us you risk having your licence cancelled.

If you have voluntarily suspended your licence

You will not have to complete continuing education while your licence is suspended. However, you will need to complete your continuing education when you revive your licence. If your licence has been suspended for 12 months or more, you will also need to do 10 hours of verifiable refresher training. For more information see our Guide to Continuing Education​ (.pdf 604KB).

Do I need to complete continuing education?  

If you are not sure if you are required to complete continuing education download the Continuing Education decision tree (.pdf 195KB).

Checking your verifiable continuing education​​ 

We get the details of your verifiable continuing education from your education provider once you have completed it. You can check whether we have received your verifiable continuing education information on the Licen​see Portal​ - just go to the Continuing Education section.  

Download our Guide to Continuing Education

Fo​r more information about continuing education and what you need to do to meet the requirements​ see our Guide to Continuing Education​​​ (.pdf 603KB).


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