Renewing your licence

Your real estate licence will expire 12 months after it is issued. If you want to continue to operate as a real estate licensee, you must apply to renew it.

​How to renew your licence

Go to the Licensee Portal

​You can renew your licence online through the Licensee Portal using a RealMe Login.

When yo​u have logged in, just select 'Renew Licence' from the top left hand corner of the Licensee Portal homepage.

​We will email you when we have processed your renewal application. It usually takes around two working days to process your application.

​If for some reason you can't renew your licence using the Licensee Portal or need some help using the Licensee Portal, please contact us.

​Things to note when renewing your licence:

  • ​You mus​​t satisfy the continuing education requirements in order to renew your licence.

  • You must pay your annual operational and disciplinary levies. Refer to the Fees and levies​ page for details. You can pay ​by credit card or account to account transfer.

  • ​​You must consent to a New Zealand Police vetting check to renew your licence online with the Licensee Portal.

  • REAA accepts payment by VISA and Mastercard. We do not accept Diners or American Express credit cards.​

We will remind you that your licence is about to expire

We will send you a renewal notification four to six weeks before your licence expires – by email and text. Make sure your contact details must be up to date so you receive this reminder. 
You can also check the date your licence will expire on our public register, in the Licensee Portal​, or on your evidence of licence.
It's a good idea to put this important date in your calendar.

If you do not renew your licence you will not be able to do real estate work

If we do not receive your renewal application and payment before your licence expiry date, your licence will expire. That means you will no longer be able to carry out real estate agency work and you will need to reapply for your licence.

If you do not want to renew your licence

If you do not want to renew your licence you can simply let it expire. You can also suspend or surrender your licence before the expiry date.
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